From the recording Heal Our Land EP


Holy Holy
Lord God almighty
Who was and is to come
You were, You are, you are to come (Revelation 4:8)
My heart pounds like a drum

The thresholds tremble when you speak (Isaiah 6:4)
My heart cries woe is me (Isaiah 6:5)
A weight inside my bones seems to grow
You reach down and touch me with a coal (Isaiah 6:6)

Said “Son, this has touched your lips” My blood has atoned for all your sin. Never seen again. (Isaias 6:7)
The King’s Holy Fire has caught my gaze
Staring wide eyed into a flame
That’s brighter than the brightness of the sun (1 Timothy 6:16)
He speaks, the earth melts, I am undone. (Psalms 46:6)
You said whom now shall I send? Who will go for me? You said whom now shall I send? You cried whom now shall I send? Here I am send me. (Isaiah 6:8)